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The Education story to date.

The above link will give you direct access to the EcoEd4All website where all details of the programme can be looked at. Below is a short description of the activity of what the Corrib Beo Education pillar is about.

Awareness is growing. Sustainability is core to long term survival of all species on earth including humans. Teenagers are aware of the impending crisis through social media channels and have demonstrated their concern – we need to connect with and empower the youth to develop initiatives to drive exponential rate of change.
Today’s children have access to vast amounts of information, some suffer from eco-anxiety and they must be provided with focused education and tools to aid critical thinking which will change our unsustainable path. Efficient transition to sustainable ways requires an educational strategy that inspires our best and brightest to pursue careers that will protect our future.

A new and innovative project on Education for Sustainability in Secondary Schools was launched by the Corrib Beo Partnership, Eco Ed 4 All & the Galway Education Centre on 18th November 2019, to coincide with the major Galway Science and Technology Festival The teacher training was rolled out in Galway from November to February 2020. Based on COVID19 challenges the team will deliver an online version of materials which teachers can use with their students in September 2020. (This can all be seen and accessed on the website link above)

John O’Sullivan, project leader noted “we need to develop key skills in teenagers such as critical thinking, systems thinking, decision making, problem solving and communication”.
Carmel Burns, Galway Education Centre Director said “there is an appetite for education modules which inspire respect for ecological systems, respect for others, appreciation of diversity, commitment to action and responsibility for change”.

Denis co chair of Corrib Beo speaking at education launch event at galway education centre November 2019

Carmel Brennan of the Galway education centre  at its launch night, November 2019

John o Sullivan of Corrib Beo speaking at the launch of the Sustainability Education initiative at the Galway teachers Centre, November 2019