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• September 2018. Boat trip on the “Corrib Princess” from Steamers Quay, Galway for up to 40 representatives of community, angling and environment groups around the Corrib catchment, facilitated by Dr. Catherine Seale, Community Waters Officers. During the discussions on board, the group agreed on a value of setting up a network/umbrella group to promote the environmental and social issues on the Corrib.
• October 2018 – April 2019. Series of planning meetings held in the Glenlo Abbey Hotel and Menlo Park Hotel, at which it was resolved to form the Corrib Beo partnership.
• 2nd May, 2019. Corrib Beo partnership had its inaugural meeting in the Commercial Boat Cub, Galway, chaired by Denis Goggin, with a variety of speakers on themes of Corrib Heritage (Dr. Michael Hynes), the Freshwater Pearl Mussel in the Connemara river catchments (Dr. Derek McLoughlin) and the challenge of saving the Curlew on the eastern shores of the Lak (Kathryn Finney)
• 12 June 2019. Corrib Beo held its first AGM at the Westside Resource Centre, Galway, with over 35 in attendance
• 25 August, 2019. Corrib Beo heritage visit to Inchagoill island, in partnership with the Luskin family and Corrib Cruises, attended by over 200 people, with readings by Anthony Previte and archaeologist Paul Naessens – see Video link,
• 20 September, 2019. Corrib music and song at the Claddagh House, with music from Corrib Beo members Gerry Hanley and Don Stiffe, as well as readings by Ultan Macken
• 24th November 2019. Corrib Beo members joined with the EcoEd 4all team in a joint stand at the Galway Science and Technology Festival, which was attended by over 20,000 people. (see photos)
• April 2020 – present. Corrib Beo members are in the process of sending an application to the “EU life fund, call for proposals 2020” as part of our plans to further develop governance, information and awareness raising campaigns on the Corrib region. This will involve the creation of an information data portal to connect local communities to issues and concerns on the Corrib and its various aspects. See for more information on this service from the EU.