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Linking Corrib Communities – Heritage Week Events, August 2022




Linking Corrib Communities – Heritage   Week Events, August 2022. 1

Reamhrá/Overview.. 2

Natural Heritage and wildlife corridors, Merlin Woods. 2

Bronze Age Oughterard. 3

Natural heritage – The Walk of the Boreens, Terryland-Ballinfoile-Coolough. 3

Galway’s Spanish heritage. 4

Galway’s Water Related Industrial Heritage. 4

Claregalway Heritage. 5

Cong walk. 5

Galway City Museum Talk and Trail: Local History, Legends and Folktales of the Corrib. 6

Menlo Heritage/ Oidhreacht Mhionlach. 6

St. Nicholas Church. 7

Annaghdown Heritage. 7

Corrib Long Boats. 8

Moycullen Walk to Early Christian Site of Teampall Éanna. 8

Headford Lace. 9

Hands around the Corrib” Knockferry to Kilbeg. 9

Corrib  Beo Heritage Week Timeline August 2022. 10




One of Galway’s offerings for Heritage Week ’22 is a historic collaboration of Corrib communities in order to showcase the natural, cultural and built heritage of the region.


The project is an initiative of Corrib Beo, in association with LAWPRO, the Lough Corrib Navigation Trust, Galway County Council, and a host of Corrib community groupings.  The aims of the Heritage Week 22 project are to:


*          Profile the Corrib’s rich heritage on a regional basis


*          Foster greater inter community cultural links and collaboration


*          Help create a collective sense of pride in place that promotes the social,                       economic and environmental wellbeing of the Corrib catchment


*          Foster the creation of a distinctive “Corrib Cultural Identity


The information provided in this E Brochure outlines details of events, event organisers, venues, dates and times, together with related images and a link to more detailed information. This is a landmark Corrib cultural project, your participation and support would be greatly appreciated.


1        Natural Heritage and wildlife corridors, Merlin Woods

Date Time: Saturday August 13th 12:00pm (Duration 2 hours)

Venue: Merlin woods, Meeting Point Merlin woods community garden, Doughiska

Description: Wildlife Connections Merlin Woods. Merlin Woods is an important wildlife habitat within our city. Explore the benefits and needs of these areas and how we preserve and allow regeneration of wildlife corridors from lough Corrib to the sea.



Heritage Site Link :


2. Bronze Age Oughterard

Date Time: Presentation Saturday 13th August at 8 pm,

Exhibition Sunday 14th August to Friday 19th August 11 am- to 5 pm daily.

Venue: Oughterard Courthouse

Description: Aided by recent research and archaeological material, local Archaeologist Bill Daly, will deliver a high energy and interesting presentation on Bronze Age Oughterard (2500 -500 BC), outlining the migration from stone to metal and the beginning of the new society.

Exhibition: An Exhibition of Mesolithic (8000-4000 BC), Neolithic (4000-2500 BC) and Bronze Age(2500-500) archaeological replica tool ,models and artefacts used in research and Presentations on the Stone Age and Bronze Age.


Heritage Site Link :


 3. Natural heritage – The Walk of the Boreens, Terryland-Ballinfoile-Coolough

Date Time: Sunday August 14th 09:30 am (Duration 2.5 hours)

Venue:  The Plots, Dyke Road

Description: A walk along a network of largely forgotten country laneways (botharíns) in Galway city that stretch from Terryland, to Coolough and beyond.

Heritage Site Link :



4. Galway’s Spanish heritage


Date Time: Monday 15th August 4:00 pm (Duration 1.5 hours)

Venue: Kings Head Quay Street Galway

Description:Spanish ale shall bring you hope ” Galway’s spanish connections through time

Heritage Site Link https:/


5. Galway’s Water Related Industrial Heritage


Date Time: Tuesday 16th August 11:00 am (Duration 2 hours)

Venue: Meet in the forecourt of the Granary Suites apartments, down the lane next to the Arabica coffee shop, at 58 Dominick St, Galway

Description: This event is an opportunity to learn about Galway City’s 1000-year history of canal building, milling, and water-powered businesses.

The guided walk will traverse along the canals running through the city where several locations will be pointed out at which the remains of mill wheel installations can still be seen. Locations will be visited where watermills or turbines are still in place.

Prominent water-powered businesses from the 19th century will be described such as the Galway Electric Company, the Persse Distillery, the Madeira Brewery, and a number of woollen mills. The connection between the Perry family and these businesses, as well as the Persse family and Lady Gregory of the Celtic Revival will be explored.

Heritage Site Link :


 6. Claregalway Heritage


Date & Time: Tuesday 16th August 3:00 pm (duration 2 hours)

Venue: Claregalway Castle

Description : Talk on Claregalway Castle & its links to the Corrib, with a tour of Claregalway Castle




7. Cong walk – The Natural and Cultural Heritage of Cong


Date Time: Wednesday 17th August, from 11.00 am  (Duration approx. 2 hours)

Venue: Meeting Point is at Cong Catholic Church car park, Cong village.

Description:  “The natural and man-made wonders of Cong village and surrounding wood.”

A Heritage walk exploring the rich heritage of Cong village and surroundings including the Harry Clarke windows, the Abbey, the Monks fishing house, the Guinness tunnels, and many other places of interest around Cong village. The walk ends in Cong village, where there are several pubs/restaurants’ shops available for anyone who wishes to spend some time in the village.

8. Galway City Museum Talk & Trail: Local History, Legends and Folktales of the Corrib


Date Time: Guided walk Wednesday 17th August 12:00 pm.

Also from Tuesday 16th to Saturday 20th August, from 12pm to 1pm.

Venue: Galway City Museum, Spanish Parade, Galway City, H91 CX5P.

Description: Join Museum staff Galway City Museum as they share some local history, legends and folktales of the Corrib.

Afterwards, take a 4.5km walking trail, developed by Galway City Museum, to explore the banks of the River Corrib.


Heritage Site Link :

The fearsome black dog, known as the ‘gliomach’, that is said to reside beneath Galway’s Wolfe Tone Bridge, by artist Sadie Cramer.





9.  Menlo Heritage/ Oidhreacht Mhionlach


Date Time: Wednesday 17th August 8:00pm (Duration 2 hours

Venue : Áras Pobail in Mionloch

Description/ Achoimre: Oíche chultúrtha i Mionloch. Scéalta áitiúla agus seisiún cheoil traidisiúnta. A cultural evening in Menlo with local stories and traditional music.

Tuilleadh eolais:



 10. Ecclesiastical History of St. Nicholas Church


Date Time: Thursday 18th August at 2 pm (Duration2 hours)

Venue: St Nicholas Church

Description: Talk and Tour of St Nicholas Church, with Catherine Moore-Temple.



11. Annaghdown’s Monastic Heritage


Date Time: Friday 19th August 7:30 pm (Duration 1.5 hours)

Venue: Annaghdown Cemetery.

Description:  Annaghdown Monastic and Medieval Heritage Tour Annaghdown, Co. Galway

Tour of the monastic and medieval complex at Annaghdown, where Dr. Jessica Cooke will give an overview of the site including the monastic enclosure, nunnery, cathedral, round tower, Premonstratensian and Arrouaisian abbeys.

This is a walking tour and may include locations rough terrain and steps.



Heritage Site Link :


12. The Corrib Long Boats

Date Time: Friday August 19th 8:30 pm (duration 1.5 to 2 hours)

Venue: The Anglers Rest, Headford

Description:  For up to 4,500 years, a series of sunken dug-out canoes have been lying, forgotten, on the bottom of Lough Corrib in Co. Galway. Now these vessels are beginning to surrender their secrets once more, in an investigation by Ireland’s Underwater Archaeology Unit, spearheaded by Karl Brady.


Heritage Site Link:

13. Moycullen Walk to the Early Christian Site of Teampall Éanna

Date Time: Saturday 20th August 2:00 pm (Duration 3 hours approx.)

Venue: Killagoola, Moycullen

Meeting Point: Clydagh Bridge (Coordinates 53.326335,-9.167569).

Description:  Moycullen Heritage invite you for a leisurely walk and talk, taking in the natural, built and intangible heritage of Killagoola in Moycullen, Co. Galway. Local ecologist, Dr.Catriona Carlin, will demonstrate the magnificent biodiversity of the area, from the Clydagh bridge overlooking the River Kip leading to the foot of Crú Hill where local historian, Vincent Walsh, will give a tour and talk at the early Christian oratory ruins, lísín, holy well and bullaun stone of Teampall Éanna.

We will also take in the commemoration site of John Geoghegan, who was shot during the war of independence, see old mill sites along the route and the story of a Killagoola native who left the area in the 1850s, founded a town in Kansas and became the 1st probate judge of Marshall County.


Heritage Site Link:


 14. The Heritage of Headford Lace


Date Time: Sunday August 21st 11:30 am ( Duration 2 hours)

Venue: Headford meeting point at Angler’s Rest Hotel

Description: Join committee members of Headford Lace Project on this tour, which will explore the remarkable heritage of Bobbin Lacemaking in Headford, going back to the mid 1700s as well as recent work to revive the traditional craft. Participants will gather at The Angler’s Rest Hotel and will explore a route including the original lacemakers’ cottages in New Street, Lace Matrix in St. George’s Square and will finish in the Lacemakers’ Garden in Headford Community Orchard.

Headford Lacemaking was added to the Irish National Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2021. For more information about Headford Lace Project, please see




15.  “Hands around the Corrib” Knockferry to Kilbeg


Date Time: Sunday August 21st from 2:00 pm  ( Duration 2 hours approx.)

Venue  Knockferry Pier

Description: Closing event of Hertage Week 22- A meeting of all the Corrib communities hosted at Knockferry and Kilbeg piers, with Music, talks, boat crossings – bringing our Corrib communities together for a social event.

Heritage Site Link:



Corrib  Beo Heritage Week Timeline August 2022

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

2:00 pm Launch of Corrib Heritage Week at Claregalway Castle

(with Media & Communities)



12:00 pm Natural Heritage – wildlife corridors, Merlin Woods led by Friends of Merlin Woods

8:00 pm Corrib History and Lakeshore Archaeology

Oughterard, with Bill Daly


Natural heritage – Terryland Forest Park, 09:30 am: Meet at the Plots, Dyke Road.

Led by Brendan Smith



4:00 pm :Kings Head Galway. Spanish ale shall bring you hope ” Galway’s Spanish connections led by Brian Nolan



11 :00 am Water-related industrial history of Galway, waterpower, milling, brewing & distilling.  Phil James

3:00 pm Claregalway Heritage Eamonn O Donoghue Herwood



11:00 am Natural & Social Heritage of Cong. Vincent Campbell.


12:00 pm Guided City Folklore walk


8:00 pm 

Menlo Heritage/ Oidhreacht Mhionlach,  P Ó Fathaigh/Cathal Seoighe


2;00 pm Ecclesiastical history of Old Galway & St Nicholas,   Steve Ellis and Catherine Moore-Temple


7:30 pm Built Heritage of Annaghdown, with Dr Jessica Cooke

8:30 pm Long Boats Headford  Anglers Rest


2:00pm Moycullen Heritage walk to Early Christian Site of Teampall Éanna Killagoola, Moycullen
with Moycullen Heritage, led by
Dr. Caitriona Carlin and Vincent Walsh.


 11.30 am Heritage walk & talk Headford Lace Project

Ger Henry Hassett


2:00 pm

Closing Event – “Hands around the Corrib” Knockferry to Kilbeg


16th to Saturday 20th 12;00 pm Folklore walk – City Museum with Brendan McGowan/Damien Donnellan

Mesolithic, Neolithic and Bronze Age Exhibition Oughterard Court House  Sunday 14th August to Friday 19th August 11 am- to 5 pm daily .