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Corrib Beo Partnership is a not-for-profit voluntary association, established in 2019 to advance and promote the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of the Corrib Region. (Timeline is set out below). The Corrib Beo board which manages its activities  has  five members .


Corrib Beo Board Members September 2023

Jen Cunningham 
Phil James
Bernadette Mullarkey
Seán O Farrell
John O’Sullivan

 • The Local Authorties Water Programme, or better known as LAWPRO are the project partners of the group

• The themes of the group are Water quality, Biodiversity, Fishing, Education, Heritage, Recreation/Well being, Energy/ Climate and Tourism aspects related to the Corrib.

• This group is dedicated to the sustainable development of the Lough Corrib and its surrounding catchment.

• This group came together in 2018, following decades of pollution, biodiversity loss and general water quality decline on the Lough Corrib.

• To take on this challenge, we are looking to make alliances with state agencies, local communities, business groups, individuals and stakeholders in this region to allow for sustainable developments in the region.

• We want to bring together all the energies on the lake and its surrounding unique countryside to further develop environmental, social and economic aspects and best interests of the future health and well being of the lake and region.

• With input from all interested parties we would like to compose a vision for where the lake and its catchment will be in the next 20- 30 years.

• Our goal is to provide an effective voice to promote the best interests and future of the region. Engaging with local communities capacity for better freshwater governance will be key for this partnership.

• We love to hear from new members

• Interested? – we encourage you to contact us to provide input into this project.


Corrib Beo timeline 


Details of  Corrib Beo activities from 2021 are available on the News section of the website  and on the Corrib Beo Facebook page.

  • September 2018. Boat trip on the “Corrib Princess” from Steamers Quay, Galway for up to 40 representatives of community, angling and environment groups around the Corrib catchment, facilitated by Dr. Catherine Seale, Community Waters Officers. During the discussions on board, the group agreed on a value of setting up a network/umbrella group to promote the environmental and social issues on the Corrib.


  • October 2018 – April 2019. Series of planning meetings held in the Glenlo Abbey Hotel and Menlo Park Hotel, at which it was resolved to form the Corrib Beo partnership.


  • 2nd May, 2019. Corrib Beo partnership had its inaugural meeting in the Commercial Boat Cub, Galway, chaired by Denis Goggin,  with a variety of speakers on themes of Corrib Heritage (Dr. Michael Hynes), the Freshwater Pearl Mussel in the Connemara river catchments (Dr. Derek McLoughlin) and the challenge of saving the Curlew on the eastern shores of the Lake (Kathryn Finney)



  • 12th June 2019. Corrib Beo held its first AGM at the Westside Resource Centre, Galway, with over 35 in attendance



  • 25th August, 2019. Corrib Beo heritage visit to Inchagoill island, in partnership with the Luskin family and Corrib Cruises, attended by over 200 people, with readings by Anthony Previte and archaeologist Paul Naessens from NUI Galway. The aim of the day was to highlight and promote the rich natural and built heritage of the Corrib


The Corrib community on Inchagoill island                                  Guest speaker Anthony Previtte                                                Local Corrib music groups
  • 20th September, 2019Corrib music and song at the Claddagh House, with music from Corrib Beo members Gerry Hanley and Don Stiffe, as well as readings by Ultan Macken 

Gerry Hanley and Don Stiffe
  • 24th November 2019.  Corrib Beo members joined with the EcoEd 4all team in a joint stand at the Galway Science and Technology Festival, which was attended by over 20,000 people. (see photos) Please visit the education section on the homepage of our website to find out more detail about an education project inspired by Corrib Beo named  “Education for sustainability”.


Galway science and Technology festival, NUI Galway November 2019                       “Education for sustainability” launch, Galway Education Centre November 2019


  • February 2020. The Corrib Beo website was launched after allocation of funding.


  • April- June 16th 2020 Made an application for the “EU LIFE fund, call for proposals 2020”.  This concept note proposed the creation of a Corrib data portal to engage communities and agencies to take positive action towards the healthy development of the Lough Corrib and its region, all backed by a Corrib forum/ trust. We will hear back from the results of this from the EU evaluators in October 2020. More information on this can be found in our recent news and events section of the homepage of this website.