Corrib Country Trails

Corrib Country Trails

Corrib Beo have been most recently active with the concept of Corrib Country Trails. This concept was constructed by Corrib Beo in collaboration with local agencies/ organizations and individuals. This project captures and realizes the recreational potential of the Corrib area and the benefit it will have on its people, nature and local economy. We are currently analyzing all the existing and non existing trails in the Corrib region to create a full loop of the Lough Corrib.

Ballyglunin railway, on the eastern edges of the Corrib catchment

The old Galway to Clifden railway at Woodquay, Galway city, closed circa 1970, running  parallel to Maam Cross just a few km from the Corrib shoreline


Corrib County Trails will aim to create a large network of content rich trails for walkers, cyclists, water based sports and outdoors people in general all around the Lough Corrib and its landscapes!

Each trail will have a different theme of environmental, cultural and heritage facets of the Corrib to raise awareness of the richness of the area.

The project will build awareness of the Corrib`s natural capital and cultural legacy while also contributing to a healthier society over the coming years.

Government support of greenways has been pushed a lot in the last few years and the Corrib region has a lot to offer.

Learning from the success of other greenways around the country like the Waterford Greenway and the Western Way for example, we vision an outdoors experience like no other for locals and overseas tourists.

See the source imageSee the source image

Waterford greenway

Proposed trail routes highlighted in green

Boggy terrain less than 3km of the east shoreline of the Corrib

Corrib Country Trails will have a collective approach addressing all stakeholders. If you have any questions or would like to suggest some inputs see our contact details, or sign up to our subscribing/ member list to find out more detail about the concept. This can be found on the “Join us” section at the top right corner of our website on the homepage.

Micheal O Cinneide/ Denis Goggin, Co chair – 087 647 0986  / 085 727 2491

Eoghan Concannon, Communications officer – 087 271 7021