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The Corrib Beo Catchment Partnership

Bringing Communities, Nature and Economy Together for the Corrib

As a community based organisation, we are always happy to have more people involved.
If you would like to join us,  please email  All are welcome!


The Corrib Beo Partnership

is a new action coalition of communities, environmentalists and volutary groups dedicated to the care protection and sustainable development of the Corrib, its catchment landscapes, rivers and canals.

Our Mission

Journeying together to create a new Corrib Vision

Our Vision

A living, vibrant national asset for all the community

Our Destination

An enriched Corrib visitor & community experience

Our Approach

Working together through shared understanding to make it happen

"Oscar Wilde’s surgeon dad waxed lyrical about it, Vikings lost their weapons in it, and poitín makers and anglers have shared their knowledge of its rocks and islands."
Lorna Siggins, Irish Journalist & Author